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 3D design + illustration

My company, Mental Canvas, has created a brand new type of media that allows designers of all kinds to sketch in 3D. These are scenes all created using Mental Canvas.

For Sokokura, I traced a public domain woodblock screen by the Japanese artist Hiroshige, then designed it in 3D and filled in the gaps with my own illustration.


Paris was illustrated and designed by me.

Jane's Carousel was illustrated and designed initially by me, with Carol Hsiung editing some of the illustration afterward. This drawing was created for Microsoft's 2016 Holiday ad "Spread Harmony" in collaboration with McCann m:united.

Grand Central Terminal was illustrated by Carol Hsiung and 3D designed by me.


You can interact with Sokokura, Grand Central, and Jane's Carousel yourself on any Windows 10 touch device by downloading the Mental Canvas player here.


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Jane's Carousel

Grand Central Terminal

Mental Canvas scenes /
Mental Canvas scenes /
Mental Canvas scenes /